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5 Questions To Ask Your Wedding Photographer

5 Questions To Ask Your Wedding Photographer

When choosing a wedding photographer, there are many things you should consider and keep in mind. Here are the top 5 questions to ask your wedding wedding photographer

#1. Can I view a full wedding?
When shopping for a wedding photographer, you should absolutely request to view a full wedding wedding. What we mean by a full wedding is images from the start of the day all the way until the send away. Some things to ask yourself while perusing are:

  • Are all of the key moments present?
  • Are the colors pleasing? Not too green, not too orange etc
  • Are the reception images properly lit? Flash should not be harsh and look "flashy"

#2. Can I view your reception/night/low light images?
This is critical, especially if your ceremony or reception is indoors. Unfortunately, many photographers that we encounter do not have an understanding of using flash. So what happens when the sun sets? Or your reception venue is dark?

Some warning signs of a photographer that doesn't understand flash are:

  • Are a majority of the evening/reception images black and white or grainy?
  • Are there any night time images present in the portfolio?
  • Does the photographer call themselves a "natural light photographer"?

#3. Do you have backup equipment?

The answer should be yes. We recommend going even further and asking what happens if their main camera dies, is the backup camera equal, better or worse than their primary camera?

#4. Do all of your cameras have 2 card slots?

This is one that can slip below the radar as it is a bit more technical. Most professional cameras these days have the capability of saving photos to 2 memory cards at the same time, thus creating a backup of each image as its taken. Using a camera with only 1 card slot means if the card happens to get corrupted, all the images are lost.

#5. Do I get a Wedding Album?

We believe that if your wedding photographer is not offering you an album, they are doing you a disservice. If they are just sending you over an online gallery or USB, all you are receiving is pixels. Your wedding day deserves to remembered and enjoyed through print. Digital images live and die on a hard drive.

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