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The Importance of Wedding Photography

In Part 1 of a Brides Photo Guide, we will be exploring the importance of wedding photography Importance of Wedding Photography

Why is wedding photography important?

  • It is the only true way to remember your wedding day
  • It allows you to document this milestone in your life

How will you remember your wedding day?

Did you know that photographs themselves have immense power? Although the human brain is brilliantly made, our memory is far from perfect and fades over time. Photographs have the power to impact our memories. A photograph itself can remind us of not only a specific moment in time, but also how it felt, it can even bring back additional moments we had long forgot about. We have had countless couples, that when looking through their wedding album, began reliving the memories of their wedding day, saying things such as “Wow! I don’t even remember dad doing that dance move” or “I totally forgot about aunt Suzie singing”. This again reinforces the power of the photograph, but also the power of print.

It is part of your legacy

If you are reading this, it means that you have a legacy. Every day you are constantly building the legacy of YOU. Think of your life up to this moment, and beyond as a book. Every book has chapters full of moments, happiness, sadness, love, heartbreak and more. Your wedding is an important chapter in your book, as it introduces a new character into your story, a character with whom you will create many memories with, travel the world with and may even create another human being with, who will have his or her own book.

Every book has “highlights” or “milestones” and your wedding is just that, a milestone of your life. Imagine one day, your children wondering about your story. How will you be able to show them? Will your wedding milestone be included in your book? Or not?

To sum it up, wedding photography is important because:

How else will you remember your wedding day?

Your wedding is part of your legacy, without it being documented, it is like missing chapters in a book.

When you say you want and value wedding photography, what you are really saying is that you want to be able to remember your wedding day and preserve this moment within your legacy. At the same time when one says “I don’t care about wedding photography” What they are really saying is that they don’t want to remember their wedding day or legacy

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