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Understanding Wedding Photography Pricing

Understanding Wedding Photography Pricing

When it comes to shopping for your wedding photographer and comparing prices, it can become very confusing, very quickly. Within the wedding photography industry, there is no “set” way to price, as such, wedding photography pricing styles are all over the board.

Although many wedding photographers write lengthy articles to explain or justify the “what” and “why” photographers charge, this isn’t one of those articles. Our hope is that you understand that a photography business is just like any other business that has an operating cost, invests in their own equipment and operates on a low volume usually with one person.

Wedding Photography Price Ranges

The price ranges of wedding photography will depend on the quality, experience, and service of the photographer. Explaining wedding photography prices and price ranges is a whole article in itself, which we did write for you called “how much should I spend on wedding photography?” but for a brief overview, think of shopping for a wedding photographer like shopping for a handbag, would you choose Walmart, Kate Spade, or Lous Vuitton?

When it comes to the various price ranges of wedding photography, below is a very good example based upon our experience. These numbers may slightly change depending on the market you live in.

Beginner: $0 - $1500
Amateur: $1500 - $2500
Professional: $2500 - $3500+

Most Common Wedding Photography Pricing Styles

The most common wedding photography pricing styles you will see when shopping for your wedding photographer will either be packages or a la carte.


Packages, sometimes also called “collections” are a bundle of items all organized into a single packaged for your convenience. Many wedding photographers choose to bundle the most popular items in their packages while also offering a slight savings versus choosing the same bundle off of the a la carte menu.

The most common number of packages you will see when browsing for a wedding photographer will be 3, sometimes you may see more. Most photographers opt to keep the number of packages displayed to a minimum so that you are not overwhelmed in the process.

As the packages increase in price, the value should increase as well, meaning that you will receive more services or items. We have created a very good example of package pricing below.

Package 1 - $4000
  • 10 hours of coverage
  • 2 photographers
  • 12x12 Album
  • Digital Images
  • Engagement Session
  • Slideshow

Package 2 - $3000

  • 8 hours of coverage
  • 2 photographers
  • Digital images
  • Engagement Session

Package 3 - $2500
  • 6 hours of coverage
  • 1 photographer
  • Digital images

A La Carte

A La Carte pricing allows you to build your own wedding package by choosing what you need off of a price menu, essentially creating your own wedding package when all is said and done.

Wedding Coverage
12 hours - $2400
10 hours - $2000
8 hours - $1600
6 hours - $1200

Wedding Albums

12x12 - $1200
10x10 - $800
8x8 - $400

Add Ons

Photo Booth - $500
Slideshow - $150

What is better? Packages or A La Carte?

Packages work best when you trust your wedding photographer to provide exactly what you need. A La Carte pricing works great when you know exactly what you need, and why you need it. The downside of A La Carte pricing is that for many couples, this is their first time getting married and they truly don’t know how many hours of coverage they need or the difference between a lay-flat album with deep matte pages vs a hinged press book.

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