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About Knoxville Full Day Wedding Coverage

Why do we offer and recommend Full Day Wedding Coverage to all of our couples?

This article serves as an educational content piece as to why we truly believe in Full Day Wedding Coverage and how it benefits you as the couple. Before we discuss the "why" lets first understand "what" Full Day Coverage actually is.

What is "Full Day Wedding Coverage" ?

Full Day Wedding Coverage is essentially throwing out the traditional 6, 8 or 10 hours of wedding coverage that most wedding photographer include in their collection, and replacing it with comprehensive coverage that is not limited by time, but instead the flow and story of the wedding day. The wedding photographer, being a professional, understands best when the story of the day is truly documented, and uses their discretion as to when the coverage is complete.

As Knoxville Wedding Photographers ourselves, we have carefully tracked how long most wedding days actually are by reviewing the camera metadata from the time the first image was taken until the last image. This was while we were still offering coverage by the hour. This allowed us to "average" out our typical wedding duration and understand the importance of transitioning into Full Day Coverage for all of our Wedding Collections.

Looking at your wedding day,Full Day Coverage would probably mean your wedding photographer showing before you begin bridal prep, documenting the entire wedding day, and leaving when they feel they have sufficient wedding coverage.

For us, as Artwork Focused Wedding Photographers, our Wedding Collection are built entirely around Wedding Albums, as that is the only true way to relive your wedding day. By offering Full Day Coverage, it allows us to tell a complete wedding story, which is then translated into your Wedding Album so that you can relive the precious moments of your wedding day.

It makes no sense to us to offer lesser wedding coverage as that would result in a lesser story, a story that wont be able to be told inside of a Wedding Album.

So to sum it up, Full Day Coverage is:

  • Complete and comprehensive photography coverage of your wedding day.
  • Not limited by set # of hours (6, 8, 10 etc).
  • Commencement & Completion of coverage determined by the wedding photographer.

How does "Full Day Wedding Coverage" benefit you?

Candid wedding photographer in Atlanta

Full Day Wedding Coverage actually benefits you in several ways. Below are some reasons as to how it can help you and actually decrease wedding day stress.

  1. Better Wedding Coverage: Because the wedding photographer isn't limited by hours, they are able to document more thoroughly and freely.
  2. Better wedding photos: Because the wedding photographer isn't crunched for time, they are able to be more creative and not feel rushed.
  3. No wedding timeline math: You wont have to do any timeline math or find out you have to add 3 more hours here or there.
  4. Allows you to have a complete wedding album: By choosing a wedding photographer that offers Full Day Coverage, more stories of your wedding day will be captured, allowing you to have a bigger and better Wedding Album.

Want to book a Knoxville Wedding Photographer that offers Full Day Coverage?

You are in the right spot as we are one of the Knoxville Wedding Photographers that offer Full Day Wedding Coverage. If you like are work and want to know more, Contact Us.

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