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Are you a dentist located in Knoxville? If so, you should know that having a professional headshot matters more than you think and can not only make you appear more professional, but also increase your revenue!

Professional Headshots Matter To You As A Dentist?

Having a professional headshot as a Knoxville dentist matters more than most would think. Here are some reasons why it should matter to you.

More approachable

Did you know that your headshot can be the deciding factor between a potential customer choosing your business or taking their business elsewhere? The well known saying “People do business with people they know, like and trust” is more true than ever when it comes to your job as a dentist. A great headshot mixed with a good about page will check all 3 of those checkboxes. A professional headshot will showcase you in an “approachable” manner, thus increasing the customer’s perception of you. They will see your headshot and think “Oh! He/she looks nice!” It is as simple as that, you want to “look” like someone worth doing business with, and you are worth it!

More professional

When you have a professional headshot displayed on your marketing material such as a website, business card, or social media you appear more professional to potential consumers. The perceived customer mindset is “Wow! They invested in a professional headshot, so they must be good!” This is the same mindset we all have when it comes to appearance, pricing, and quality. When something “appears” high quality, we automatically assume it is expensive and good. When something is expensive, we assume it must be the best and of quality. The same goes for your headshot, when it looks professional, it must be professional. Compare a dentist with a selfie as their headshot, versus a dentist with a professional as a headshot, who would you be more likely to do business with? This is the power of a professional headshot.

More customers

When you take the above 2 reasons why you headshot matters, the result is more customers for you, equalling more revenue. The more approachable and professional you appear to potential clients, the more clients you will receive.

In this day and age, it ever more important to showcase who you are and what you do! Simply telling having a website is not enough, people want to see who is behind the scenes, they want to see that you look like someone they would do business with. So when you look at it and ask yourself “Is a professional headshot worth my time and money?”, you must also ask yourself “Will this investment make me more money and increase the value to my business?” When you have a professional headshot displayed, the answer is yes! By not having a great headshot, you are doing more harm than good. Take the time and invest in your business knowing that you will also wreathe the benefits of said investment.

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