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Farragut Wedding Photographer

Farragut wedding photographer

Our photography studio has experience photographing in Farragut including a private residence wedding in Concord Hills and a bridal session near Anchor Park. Our experience allows us to work comfortably at any location in Farragut. The town of Farragut is vastly covered in greenery which allows for beautiful wedding photos and can even be ideal for family portraits during the wedding as it allows for photos without distractions such as cars and people in the background. In addition to wedding photography, our studio can provide you with recommendations when it comes to planning your Farragut wedding as we do have experience in this area.

Choosing a Farragut wedding photographer

Choosing a wedding photographer for your Farragut wedding should not be difficult, however, there are certain things that you should know and look for in order to choose the best one

Working experience in Farragut

Ideally, the wedding photographer that you choose, will have experience working in Farragut and know of the best locations to take wedding photos. The easiest way to find out of they have working experience in Farragut is to simply ask them and to view their wedding portfolio.

Portfolio showcasing weddings similar to yours

Most Farragut weddings will be at a private residence, which requires certain skills such as working in confined spaces, dealing with low light scenarios and rapidly changing situations. When viewing the photographer’s portfolio, make sure to ask to see a wedding that is similar to yours.

Experience with lighting

Experience and expertise when it comes to lighting are very important because although beautiful to the naked eye, not all indoor lighting is ideal from the camera’s point of view.

Farragut Wedding Photography Planning

If you are having a wedding at your residence in Farragut, we do have some recommendations for you when it comes to wedding planning.

Bridal Prep

Bridal prep usually takes place in the main bedroom, if you are planning on not seeing each other before the ceremony, we recommend planning for separate getting ready locations for the bride and groom.

Groom Prep

Groom prep can either take locations in an entertainment area or even a guest bedroom. This is particularly ideal if you are planning on not seeing each other before the wedding ceremony.


The wedding ceremony itself cake place outside, or even in a large room indoors. If planning on an outdoor ceremony, be sure to plan for a rain contingency plan.

Family Photos

Family photos are recommended to take place directly after the wedding ceremony if there is no first look, or before the ceremony if there is a first look. The local parks we have listed here would be our first recommendation when it comes to taking family photos. These parks allow for an additional look when it comes to your wedding photos.

Couples Photos

Couples photos are all about the bride and groom, we prefer traveling to one of the local parks that we have listed here. The parks will provide you plenty of greenery and photo opportunities. The ideal time allotment when it comes to taking couples photos is 30-45 minutes. The more time allotted to couples photos equals more variety of photos for you to enjoy.


When it comes to planning your wedding reception, large open rooms are ideal. Back decks are also highly recommended and allow wedding guests a place to “breath” and can work for food and beverage vendors. Some things to take into consideration when planning your wedding reception are:

  • DJ/Entertainment location

  • Lighting

  • Guest seating

  • Bathroom access

Farragut private residence weddings

Farragut does not offer any wedding venues at this time, many weddings taking place here will be that of a private residence wedding. Our wedding photography studio has plenty of experience when it comes to documenting private residence weddings.

Farragut wedding photos

As we mentioned, Farragut offers plenty of picturesque locations that can make for great wedding photos. Our photography studio can create beautiful wedding photos in Farragut no matter the location.

Farragut Photo locations

Farragut offers some great photo locations when it comes to your wedding, from our wedding photography experience, the local parks make for a great location for the bridal party and family portraits. Local parks near to Farragut include:

  • Anchor Park

  • Founders Park at Campbell Station

  • Grigsby Chapel Greenway

  • Mayor Bob Leonard Park

  • McFee Park

Anchor Park

Anchor Park can make for great wedding photos, it offers 19 acres and is on the lakefront. This park is actually Farragut's first park and includes a variety of amenities includes fishing, athletic fields, open play areas, walking trails, playgrounds and more. It is important to note that for-profit photography businesses must apply for a permit. Anchor Park is located at 11730 Turkey Creek Road, Farragut, TN.

Founders Park at Campbell Station

Founders Park is slightly smaller than Anchor Park is features 17 acres nearby the Knox County Library. There is a gorgeous bridge over a stream that can make for great wedding portraits. This park is located at 405 N. Campbell Station Road, Farragut, TN. To be noted, this park also requires businesses to apply for a permit.

Grigsby Chapel Greenway

Grigsby Chapel is a small intimate walking trail that connects to many of the neighborhoods in Farragut. As a Farragut wedding photographer, walking trails that are easily accessible, are very ideal for wedding photos. Wedding couples should know in advance that this location requires an hourly fee.

Mayor Bob Leonard Park

Mayor Bob Leonard Park is very large and offers 50 acres and includes a variety of amenities including a walking trail, a wetlands area, and more.

McFee Park

Farragut's newest park, McFee Park is very modern and even included environmentally-friendly features such as LED lighting, solar panels, rain gardens, permeable pavers, and naturally lit restrooms. This park is not only ideal for wedding photos, but also for spending time with your family on the weekends. This park is located at 917 McFee Road, Farragut, TN.

Areas Served

As a Farragut wedding photographer, we enjoy providing photography services to locations in Farragut including Altamira, Andover, Baldwin Park, Bridgemore, Brixworth, Chapel Glen, Concord Hills, Cottage Creek, Farragut Crossing, Fort West, Fox Den, Fox Run, Glen Abbey, Hickory Woods, Inverness, Kingsgate, McFee Manor, Oakley Downs, Old Stage Hills, Rockwell Farm, Saddle Ridge, Saint Charles at Grigsby Chapel, Sedgefield, Sheffield, Smithfield, Sugarwood, Sweet Briar, The Cove at Turkey Creek, Turkey Creek Woods, Vista, Weatherly Hills, Wentworth, Wood Harbor, Woodchase and Wyndham Hall.