Knoxville Men’s Portraits

Are you a man looking for some cool and creative portraits? What about a wife looking to gift your husband a fun and relaxed photo session just for him? Our studio designed a portrait experience specifically for mens portraiture, we look forward to having you in front of our camera, contact us.

Local Knoxville Studio

Our photography studio is located conveniently in Knoxville just off of Kingston Pike, easily accessible from north, south, east and west Knoxville. Men’s portraits are by appointment only, allowing us to focus on you. Our Knoxville studio features a variety of backdrop colors, studio lighting, seating and more. We are also able to use specialized software allowing you to view your images instantaneously as they are taken, so adjustments can be made.

Just for men

Although our studio does photograph plenty of women, we created this product line to specifically focus on men’s portraiture. We do feel that the photography industry predominately focuses on women, with most men “leaving it to the wife” to plan out the portrait session. Is this because mothers are first to initiate contact with a photographer when planning a portrait session? Although we have found this to be the case, maybe it is also because most portrait studios don’t offer a photographic experience specifically catered and marketed towards men.

If you ask a man or husband whether he enjoys getting his portrait taken, chances are he would say no, we look to change that.

Calm & relaxed

We have found that most men are initially uncomfortable in front of the camera, but once a connection is made, that “barrier” comes down and suddenly becomes enjoyable. Our studio strives to create a calm and relaxed environment from which men can be themselves, in turn allowing us to create authentic and meaningful portraits.

Cool & creative

While we can photograph in a variety of styles and looks when it comes to men's portraiture, we are looking to work with a cool and creative aesthetic. While when we photographed woman, we utilize softer and more flattering lighting, when it comes to men’s portraiture, we aim for a more edgy look that most men will enjoy. All of our Knoxville men’s portrait sessions are personalized on an individual level, and although we do have our favorite backdrops, we also can swap out for a particular theme or look.

Fast Turnaround

No one wants to wait for ages to see their images, neither do we. You can enjoy seeing your images no more than 2 weeks after your session. Every image that comes through production receives basic retouching for color temperature, color tint, exposure, highlights, shadows, and contrast. This creates a proof ready image for you to view. Any images ordered will also receive advanced retouching depending on the size and type of artwork ordered.

Gifts for family

Getting your portrait taken is just the first part, the most important part is choosing how you and your family will enjoy them. Our studio offers a variety of ways to enjoy your men’s portraits including metal, canvas, albums, storybooks, gift prints, and digital options. 2 weeks after your session, you will be able to enjoy an amazing viewing experience, after which you can order any portraits you truly love. This is the perfect time to order portraits not just for yourself, but also for family and friends. Our studio does not have a minimum order, so you only order the portraits you love.

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