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Reception Photographer For Hire

Wedding Reception Photographer For Hire

Are you a wedding photographer that struggles with dark reception halls and low light scenarios that require off-camera flash knowledge? We have you covered and provide wedding reception coverage for wedding photographers that need help during the wedding reception. Not to be confused with a 2nd shooter, our services are specifically for the wedding reception only.

Let us be your light in the darkness

When you hire us to cover your wedding reception, you are hiring us to not only show up and set up the equipment required but to also photograph the reception. We understand that not all photographers have the skillset or knowledge to work in dark lighting situations, that’s where we come in.

Discreet reception coverage

If you hire us to document a wedding reception for you, we will be working under your company name. No one needs to know that you hired us to help you out, we are simply a photographer working for you. All images taken will be given directly to you and we will not post any.

Be a hero for your clients

By hiring us to document the wedding reception, you have beautiful wedding photos from the entire day that you can give to your couples. They will in turn praise you for an awesome job well done.

You deserve it

Look, we are wedding photographers ourselves, we understand that there is so much to learn from SEO, posing, sales, editing, finance and more. Sometimes it is best to simply outsource out the things you might not be so good at, and that is how we help you. Instead of worrying about spending hours learning a new skill, you can just hire us to do it for you, allowing you to focus on the things that really matter, running your business.

Peace of mind

When you book us to photograph the wedding reception, you no longer have to worry. We give you peace of mind that it will be documented in the highest quality and professional manner. Our vast experience when it comes to lighting will allow you to sit back and not stress.

You don’t have to worry about the gear

When you hire us to cover your wedding reception, we do not skimp out on the gear required. When we are hired to help you cover a wedding reception, we arrive with on standard with all of the gear required to document any type of wedding reception, this gear includes:

  • Off-Camera Speedlite Package
  • Studio Strobe Package
  • LED Light Package
  • Low Light Package
  • Lightstand Kit
  • Modifier Kit

Off-Camera Speedlite Package

Our Off-Camera Speedlite Package includes everything needed to light up the reception hall, but with a small footprint. Speedlites being small in nature, take up less space. This is our primary setup when it comes to lighting dark reception halls. Our Off-Camera Speedlite Package includes:

  • 4x Speedlites + batteries
  • 2x wireless transmitters
  • 4x Speedlite mounts

Studio Strobe Package

When you need to fill an entire area with light, our Studio Strobe Package will fit your needs. This setup will light an entire reception hall when used effectively and can work wonders for a big group photo at the end of the night. Our Studio Strobe Package Includes:

  • 1x 600 Watt Second Studio Strobe
  • 1x 500 Watt Second Studio Strobe
  • 2x Studio Strobe transmitters

LED Light Package

Our LED Light Package is ideal for when you want to see exactly the way the light is. LEDs are efficient constant lights, and what you see through the viewfinder, is what you will get if you expose correctly. Our LED Light Package includes:

  • 4x Circular LED Panels
  • 1x Color Gels

Low Light Package

Our Low Light Package is designed to allow you to not only illuminate your subjects during low light wedding receptions but also acquire autofocus in low light. This package includes a fresnel head LED light that has an adjustable throw and beam, allowing it to either be a very wide beam of light, or a highly focused beam of light, it is up to you. Our Low Light Package includes:

  • 1x Fresnel Head LED Light

Lightstand Kit

Our Ligtstand Kit includes all of the supporting hardware required to mount any of our lighting packages. Our light stands are fully collapsible, super stable and transportable to any location. Our Lightstand Kit includes

  • 6x light stands
  • 1x C stand
  • 1x Boom Arm
  • 1x Mini stand

Modifier Kit

Our Modifier Kit includes everything needed to modify any of our lighting packages. This kit will provide the tools needed to manipulate light, whether you would like to add light, subtract light, soften the light, harden light, or place the light farther away. Included in this kit are the following items.

  • 1x Octobox
  • 1x 86 inch Umbrella
  • 6x Speedlight Modifiers
  • 2x Grids
  • 2x Gel Holders


When you hire us for reception coverage, all of the above is included and utilized. We are responsible for the loading, transporting, unloading, set up and use of all of the gear listed above. During the wedding reception, we will be responsible for taking proper photographs, moving and positioning lighting setups to ensure the best quality wedding reception photos and modifying the lights when required to fit the scene. Modifying the lights can include applying colored gels to correct for white balance imbalances, applying grids to narrow down the light, and applying a zoom to the lights for a more focused beam of light.

Hire Us

If you are looking to enhance your wedding reception photos and start to WOW your clients beyond their wildest beliefs, hire us to document your wedding reception for you. We take care to not only bring all of the expensive and bulky lighting gear required to light wedding receptions but will also set it up properly, photograph the wedding reception with it, and lastly, take it down after our hours are up. Most wedding receptions can last anywhere from 2-4+ hours. How many hours you require our reception photography services truly depends upon your wedding timeline. Our hourly wedding reception photography services are $200/hr and must be booked no less than 1 week in advance. To know whether or not you will need our wedding reception photography services, we recommend visiting the wedding reception location in advance, around the same time as the wedding reception will be taking place. If it is dark, hire us!


So in closing here is a quick recap of everything.

  • You don’t have time to learn flash, so outsource it to us!
  • Your clients will love you for hiring us!
  • They will never know!
  • You deserve this!
  • We bring all of the gear, set it up, take it down.
  • We create perfect photos for you.
  • You get them all!
  • $200/hr.
  • Easy peasy.

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