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Knoxville Photo & Video Studio

Golightly Studios is the premiere Knoxville Photo & Video studio. Our focus is on providing the highest quality wedding experience you can find in Knoxville. If you are planning a wedding and quality wedding photography and videography are on your list, we would love to be considered. Our couples have said in our reviews, that if you want the best quality photos, wedding album and experience, to choose us. Below, we have laid out many of the benefits and reasons to choosing a photo & video studio.

Two Services Under One Roof

An obvious benefit of choosing a photo & video studio, is that you can enjoy both services under one roof.

Wedding Photography

Our studio offers a full service wedding photography experience including:

  • Full Day Coverage
  • 1-2 photographers
  • Handcrafted wedding album
  • Digital files
  • 2 week turnaround
  • Online gallery
  • Design & order session
  • Lifetime warranty of artwork
  • & more

Wedding Videography

Our wedding cinema incorporates cinematic storytelling and motion that captures your meaningful memories. Our wedding videography services include:

  • Full Day Coverage
  • 1-2 filmmakers
  • Feature film
  • Highlight film
  • Engagement film
  • Online delivery
  • & more

A Cohesive Final Product

One of the most important benefits of choosing a Photo & Video studio is that you will receive a cohesive final product. When you chose separate photographer and videographer from two separate companies, each will have their own shooting and editing style. By going with a photo & video studio, you have one team that is on the same page.

Matching Quality

Only a photo & video studio can ensure that you have matching quality across the board with your wedding photography and videography. Most photo & video studios will ensure that their team is capable of producing the same high level quality. Some studios will even only use the same type of camera, down the same exact model of camera. This will help everything match, no matter photo or video.

Matching Editing Style

This benefit is almost as important as quality. A matching editing style means that when it comes to post production, your colors and tones will match. To achieve this, there is a single person that edits both your wedding photos and video with a custom style setting.

Single Creative Director

A photo & video studio provides you will a sole creative director. This means that both the photo team and video team are all on the same page.

Controls Of The Photo & Video Team

The job of the creative director is to control both the photo & video team. Think of the creative director like a “Wedding quarterback”, they are able to make sure that both photo & video are in the right spots, not in each other’s shots, and are up to date with the flow of the wedding day. This is achieved by in ear radio communication between the creative director and both photo & video teams. The creative director may be a member of the photo or video team.

Team Cohesion

Team cohesion is critical with photo & video when it comes to wedding coverage. Throughout the wedding day, many things happen that are unpredictable. A photo & video team that has worked together many times before, can respond fluidly to these moments. Each member of a photo & video team will know instinctively what lens the other member is using, or what angle they are responsible for. A combination of all of these things equals better wedding coverage.

One Contract, One Invoice

Keeping up with payments from all of your wedding vendors can quickly become hectic. When you choose a photo & video studio, you only have to sign one contract and keep up to date with one invoice.

Simple Online Contract

Our photo & video studio allows for easy signing of you contract online. You can review it in the comfort of your home and easily complete it online.

Easy Electronic Payments

All invoice payments can be made easily and electronically online. You wont have to worry about managing multiple invoices when you deal with a photo & video studio.

Complete Wedding Coverage

With a Photo & video studio, you can enjoy peace of mind that your wedding coverage will be complete.

A Full Team

A photo & video studio will provide you with enough team members to cover your event fully. Most events can be covered with 2 wedding photographers, 2 wedding videographers and 1 assistant. Larger events that require more coverage can be accommodated with an additional photographer or videographer.

No Missed Moments

While some may feel this amount of team is excessive, the truth is that a wedding day usually requires 2 angles of coverage. This mean that at a minimum, we recommend 2 photographers and 2 videographers. This will cover all of your cherished moments. Think of the moment a bride is walking down the aisle. There are 3 moments that must be captured here. The first is obviously a front shot of the bride walking down the aisle. The second is a shot of the bride walking down the aisle from behind. And the third is a shot of the groom and families reaction as she approaches. Leaving all of these shots to 1 person is asking for trouble, especially with rowdy guests that many times want to get their own shot. Having a team of 2 photographers and 2 videographers allows complete coverage from all angles and no missed moments.

Full Service Experience

By choosing a photo & video studio, you can enjoy a full service experience.

Additional Possibilities

With a photo & video studio, additional possibilities are available. Think about the bride and groom getting ready in 2 different locations with a tight wedding timeline. Only a photo & video studio can be in 2 different places at one time.

Peace Of Mind

Booking just a solo wedding photographer or videographer should be very worrisome to you, what if they get sick or cant make it to your wedding? When you book a photo & video studio, you have a whole team dedicated to your event, which should provide you with more peace of mind. In the unlikely event that something happens with a member of our team, we have several backups that are capable of creating the same level of quality.

Choose Our Photo & Video Studio For Your Wedding

Our Knoxville Photo & Video studio would love to be considered to document your wedding day. Of course we don’t only limit ourselves to Knoxville weddings and love to travel. Just click the button below to get in touch with us.

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