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You are in the middle of wedding planning and are looking to find best Knoxville wedding photographer for your wedding, so you Google “Knoxville wedding pictures” and hundreds of pretty pictures pop up for you to enjoy, however, there are some things you should keep in mind.

Can the photographer create consistent work just like I am viewing?

Just because you are reviewing a single amazing wedding picture, does not mean the photographer can consistently create images that look the same. One of the hallmarks of a professional wedding photographer is that they can create a cohesive and consistent style of images for each and every wedding client.

Another thing to take into consideration is that not all wedding photographers are on the same level. Chances are the high quality wedding photos that have a unique look, are also created by higher-priced wedding photographers. Lower-priced entry-level wedding photographers will not have the knowledge or capability to create the same level of work.

In order to confirm that the wedding photographer you are viewing can create consistent work, we recommend viewing their website and portfolio thoroughly. Keep in mind that some wedding photographers only display their signature work. These images are carefully retouched and mastered to fulfill the photographers unique creative vision. Not every wedding photograph taken throughout the day will have the style and aesthetic of a signature image because these images usually take careful planning, stylizing, lighting and production, on a level not possible for every moment during the wedding day.

Is this photographer even near me?

The wedding pictures you may be viewing might not even belong to a wedding photographer near you. If you are specifically looking for wedding pictures that belong to wedding photographers near you, we recommend Google searching “wedding photographers near me” and click on the image to bring you to their website, from which you can easily find their location.

Is this photographer still in business?

If a wedding photographer has gone out of business but their website is still up, which happens more often than not, Google will still show these images to searchers. The best way to avoid falling in love with a wedding photographer whose pictures you like, but has closed down their business, is to view their social media profiles. We recommend avoiding using their blog to confirm business closure because blog post dates can be hidden. Another quick way to confirm that they are still in business is to simply call the phone number listed on their website.

Has the photographer changed their style?

Some wedding photographers choose to adopt a different style of photography as time goes on. This means that the wedding picture you are viewing, may not be their style any longer. To find out their current photography style, simply visit their website.

Was the image taken by the main photographer? Or a second shooter?

Many wedding photographers that are not a husband and wife team or studio, often employ second shooters to help document the wedding day. Second shooters that are contracted, may also have a slightly different photography style than the main photographer. In most cases, the second shooter hands over the pictures they captured throughout the day, to the main photographer, who then delivers to the client. The part that can cause issues is that by putting the seconds shooters pictures on their website, can be misleading to viewers. To avoid this, we recommend asking to view wedding pictures taken specifically by the main photographer.

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