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Jewish Knoxville Wedding Photographer

As wedding photographers, we have plenty of experience when it comes to photographing Jewish weddings in Knoxville and surrounding areas. We have photographed a private Jewish wedding in Farragut and a gorgeous Jewish wedding celebration at The Press Room in Knoxville.

Although every religion has its own unique wedding traditions, we very much enjoy photographing Jewish weddings. Certain traditions are unique to certain religions and cultures. As professional Knoxville wedding photographers, we are fortunate to have more experience with different wedding traditions than the average person, after all, it is our job to understand all of the cultural and religious intricacies. Significant Jewish wedding traditions include:

Ketubah signing

The Ketubah is a marriage contract that the groom is bound to and describes the obligations of the bride. This marriage contract is legally binding and must be signed in front of two witnesses, who in turn sign the Ketubah.


Most traditional Jewish weddings take place under a special wedding canopy called a Chuppah. The Chuppah itself symbolizes the couple’s new home once married. A uniquely designed Chuppah can provide gorgeous diffused light from a photographic standpoint.

Breaking of the glass

At the end of a Jewish wedding ceremony, after the bride receives her wedding ring, the groom breaks a glass with his right foot while the wedding guests in attendance shout “mazel tov!”. An alternative form of the tradition, which we also have experience photographing, is the breaking of a wine glass by both the bride and groom.


The Horah is a traditional Jewish dance that is very exciting to photograph. The bride and groom while seated in chairs are lifted high into the air while dancing occurs all around. This traditional Jewish is very fun to watch!

Choosing the best Knoxville wedding photographer for your Jewish wedding

When it comes to choosing the best wedding photographer for your Jewish wedding, we do recommend being intentional with your choice. Here are some of our recommendations.

Experienced in Jewish wedding traditions

Ensure that the wedding photographer in question has experience and knowledge when it comes to photographing Jewish wedding celebrations. You don’t want to choose a photographer that will end up missing the important events of your day.

Jewish weddings in their portfolio

When viewing their wedding portfolio, make sure you can view wedding photos from a Jewish wedding. Also, ask them if they have personally photographed a Jewish wedding on their own, or if the wedding photos are from assistant another wedding photographer.

Listens to your wants and needs

You certainly want a wedding photographer that not only has photographed Jewish weddings before but also listen to your wants and needs. Outside of wedding traditions, weddings are also about the couple’s connections and love for each other, you will surely want photos that highlight your love for each other. Make sure that your wedding photographer listens to certain photos you want and understands your unique needs.

We would love to be considered!

If you are planning a Jewish wedding in Knoxville, we would love to be considered to document it. Please view our wedding portfolio, learn a little about us, and contact us if you think we may be a good fit for each other.

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