Bride & Groom Photo At Knoxville Botanical Gardens
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Bride & Groom Photo At Knoxville Botanical Gardens

Sometimes during weddings, you just have to pivot! This was one of those times. This particular couple truly desired some bridal party photos in a location with plenty of greenery, however, their wedding was in downtown Knoxville at the Press Room.

The Press Room is absolutely gorgeous and stunning in its own right, however, it features more urban aesthetics than greenery. During wedding planning, we decided that it would be best to take a quick trip over to the Knoxville Botanical Gardens with the entire bridal party, which happened to be just the right size!

How we created this Bride & Groom photo at the Knoxville Botanical Gardens

After photographing a variety of formal portrait groupings, we photographed the couple in a row of trees. Utilizing a photography composition technique known as the "rule of thirds", we placed the couple in the top right of the frame and creatively chose to block out the bottom left of the frame with a tree in the foreground. This technique allows to viewer's eye to focus only on the intended subject, the couple of course!

Location: 2743 Wimpole Ave, Knoxville, TN 37914.

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