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Wedding Photographers in Knoxville

We are proud to be wedding photographers in Knoxville as it is our home city. Knoxville provides the perfect location for weddings due to its offering of a variety of picturesque locations and its proximity to nature. When you are shopping for your wedding photographer, Knoxville has plenty of options, so here are some things to look for during your search.

Considerations when shopping for wedding photographers in Knoxville

When you are shopping for wedding photographers in Knoxville, here are some points you should consider.


You don't want your wedding photos to be bland, so make sure that the portfolio you are viewing showcases creative and unique imagery. What we consider as creative is an interesting use of composition, unique angles, off-camera flash used flatteringly, post-production techniques that emphasize the image and more.


Make sure the wedding photographer can capture the important moments of the day. You should also be able to view unexpected moments as well.


You will be with your wedding photographer the entire day, so it is super important that you get along personality-wise with your photographer. Preferably you should look for someone who is fun and entertaining, but also can be authoritative (helpful for herding rowdy groomsmen). Remaining calm in stressful situations is also a plus.

Pricing & Professionalism

The pricing and professionalism of your photographer is also important. Understand that your wedding day will only happen once, momenta that happen in a split second will never happen again. With that being said, we recommend prioritizing your budget to invest in a professional Knoxville wedding photographer. Keep in mind, the average professional wedding photographer starts around $3000. If you are looking for above-average wedding photography, expect to invest $3500-$8000+. It all depends on what you value. Within that price range, you can expect a wedding photographer that will behave and carry themselves as a professional.

We would love to be considered!

If you are looking for a wedding photographer in Knoxville, we would love to be considered, please view our wedding portfolio, learn about us, and contact us if we might be the ones for you!

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