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Outdoor Headshot

Outdoor headshots can help you or your company stand out due to the natural look and feel. As Knoxville headshot photographers, we are one of the few commercial photographers in the area who can professionally create this look.

Outdoor headshots require not only lighting knowledge but also must be timed perfectly to ensure great lighting. Off-camera lighting is crucial to be able to control the ambient light, and not be controlled by it. Although we can absolutely control our lighting, one thing we cannot control is the sun. This is why proper session timing is essential. We advise you to time your outdoor headshot session to take place early morning or late evening

When you choose us to photograph your headshots, we will not only bring along the proper equipment but also work with you to plan an ideal headshot session time and location. As you can view in our headshot photography portfolio, we do not cut corners and will work with you to create the best headshots possible!

Location: Knoxville, TN.

1/400; f/2.8; ISO 400; 200.0 mm.

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