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Choosing a creative photographer on your wedding day can make or break your images. It truly comes down to a choice of whether you want images you will enjoy forever, or cheesy images you will not enjoy. We enjoy proving our couples with highly creative images that they end up loving, if you are interested, we can create some for you too!

Why creativity is important on your wedding day

Creativity is important on your wedding day because you don't want photos to look boring and bland. One of the reasons to hire a professional wedding photographer is because of their exceptional creativity. Wedding photos that are not creative tend to look like phone snapshots, why pay for that? Although there are many somewhat creative Knoxville wedding photographers, only a few can be considered very creative. The truth is that most wedding photographers all have the same type of gear. We all have highly advanced cameras and lenses, so in order to be really creative, we have to think outside of the box.

How to find a creative Knoxville wedding photographer

When you are searching for a creative Knoxville wedding photographer, there are several places that we recommend searching first. The first and most obvious would be searching Google, do a Google search for terms such as “creative Knoxville wedding photographers” and “artistic Knoxville wedding photographers”. Chances are that the photographers that understand their creative potential and have creative imagery, will have a website showcasing those images.

The next place we recommend searching, although not as popular, is at local bridal shows such as the Knoxville pink bride. At these shows, you will be able to instantly find creative photographers based on their work, which will be prominently displayed, verses endlessly scrolling on social media.

What to look for when searching for a creative Knoxville wedding photographer

When you are searching for a creative Knoxville wedding photographer, there are several things to look for:

  • Interesting colors
  • Fascinating angles
  • Imagery that makes you question
  • Compelling composition

Interesting colors
Interesting colors are colors that are out of the ordinary. These items can include very colorful walls, buildings, cars, locations, skies, or even photographic effects created by colored gels. The (best Knoxville wedding photographers) know how to turn an ordinary and boring location, into an extraordinary photo.

Fascinating angles
Fascinating angles are angles that the photographer has captured, that attracts the viewers attention. Unique angles such as very low angles, very high angles or even angles from above can add to the creativity of a photograph.

Imagery that makes you question
If a photograph makes you say aloud “how in the heck?” and question how was it taken, it can certainly be considered creative. As a wedding photographer, photos such as these can be very complicated to create or even only obtained by timing and luck.

Compelling composition
Have you ever came across a photo that you just love, but don't know why? Chances are compelling composition has something to do with it. A photo with creative composition can lead the viewer's eye throughout the photograph, visiting different locations within that particular photograph. A wedding photographer can utilize framing objects within the frame to lead the viewer's eye as they so desire. By using foreground elements, a photographer can not only frame the subject but also block out potential distractions.

Avoiding cheesy and non-creative photography

If you are searching for a creative Knoxville wedding photographer, chances are that you are looking for wedding photos that are not cheesy or bland. Have you ever seen those 1980s wedding photos and thought “Wow! This is super cheesy.”? that's exactly what creative wedding photographers seek to avoid.

The first step in avoiding cheesy photos is to avoid hiring a cheesy wedding photographer in the first place. You can do this by intently viewing their wedding portfolio, asking to view a full wedding album and generally inquiring about their approach to the wedding day.

The next step in avoiding cheesy wedding photographs is to explain your wedding vision to your wedding photographer, let them know that you want to avoid cheesy wedding photos. Understanding how your wedding photographer approaches the wedding day is paramount. Some photographers follow a strict shot list, while other wedding photographers leave room for creativity. As we mentioned earlier, be sure to inquire with your photographer about how they approach your wedding day.

How our studio is creative on the wedding day

Our wedding photography studio approaches a wedding day in a creative, yet organized manner. Our wedding Studio does follow an internal shot list, but it is not your typical shot list. Included in our internal studio shot list is:

  • Family portrait grouping requested by the Bride and Groom.
  • Specifically requested photos of sentimental items.
  • Specifically requested photos of sentimental moments.
  • Several studio internal photos such as a wide shot of the wedding venue, album backgrounds and more.

During your wedding day, we set aside time specifically for you. This time on your wedding day is designed specifically to create unique, artistic, and stylish wedding photos. When we are looking to be very creative with our wedding photos, we enjoy utilizing equipment such as:

  • Off-camera lighting
  • Multiple lighting setups
  • Colored gels
  • Flash modifiers
  • Camera movement
  • Environment movement
  • Subject movement
  • Plate shots

Off-camera lighting
Off-camera lighting is simply placing a flash off of the camera. Using a flash on camera has more disadvantages than advantages, such as harsh lighting (flashy look), red eye and flat lighting. When you move a flash off-camera and around 45 degrees to the subject you can achieve beautifully flattering light.

Multiple lighting setups
Multiple lighting setups are ideal when you are looking to create a more stylized photograph or if there are multiple subjects in the photo. If you are using a multiple light setup with only one subject, chances are you will have a main light designed to light the subject from the front, and a hair/rim light, designed to separate the subject from the background or add light to the subject’s hair.

Colored gels
Colored gels are simply designed to manipulate the color of the flash. They come in a variety of colors and materials such as plastic sheets and durable plastic. Colored gels can also be used to match certain lighting sources such as fluorescent lighting, LED lighting and halogen lighting.

Flash modifiers
Flash modifiers are designed to manipulate the softness of light and the quantity of light. A variety of flash modifiers are available to enhance our creativity such as umbrellas, softboxes snoots, grids and more.

Camera movement
Utilizing camera movement requires extensive technique and practice but can result in amazing photographs.

Environment movement
Environment movement happens naturally and usually includes water sources such as a lake, river or stream.

Subject movement
Adding subject movement into a photograph can give the viewer a sense of motion and at the same time enhancing creativity.

Plate shots.
Plate shots are a highly advanced technique that we use. It allows us to create soft light, from a single light source, that is close to the subject and inside the photo. In simplistic terms, we take two photographs matching perfectly composition, one with a flash inside the frame and the subject illuminated, and then one without the flash. We then brush out the lighting assistant in Photoshop, resulting in a highly creative photograph, that is not possible without using this technique.

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