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Crescent Bend Wedding Photo

Crescent Bend always provides gorgeous wedding photos due to its open and airy aesthetic. Crescent Bend is a Knoxville wedding venue that is located directly next to the Tennessee River and off of Kingston Pike.

About This Crescent Bend Wedding Photo

Our approach to wedding photography emphasizes capturing not only the big moments, but also the in between moments. During this wedding at Crescent Bend, we knew immediately that there would be many meaningful moments to capture. Right after the bride finished getting ready, her mother came over for a quick photo. We know from experience, that with a little prompting, we can create a beautiful moment here.

We asked the mother of the bride to offer some kind words and advice for her soon to be married daughter. This is the exact moment we took this photograph, what a beautiful moment!

Location: 2728 Kingston Pike, Knoxville, TN 37919.

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