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Emotional Wedding Photography

As wedding photographers, we also have to remember that a true job is that of a storyteller. It is our responsibility to not only document the creative moments of a wedding day, but also the emotional moments, even if we may not know they story behind it.

"This will be my last wedding"

During the wedding day, the Brides grandfather (pictured), mentioned that this would be his last wedding. Directly after the wedding ceremony, before the bride and groom hopped in their car, the grandfather gave the bride a kiss and the groom a handshake. To the couple, we are sure that this moment means the world to them.

Although we try our best to understand all of our couples family situations, dynamics, relationships and more, it is impossible to be a knower of all things. Before the wedding itself, while meeting with the bride, we were able to understand the condition of the grandparents, and thus prioritized their photographs on our internal studio worksheet. When the wedding day came around, we made sure to keep an eye on interactions between the grandparents and wedding couple, with multiple moments eventually leading to this image.

Photographing emotion

All human beings are emotional, some less admittedly than others. While photography emotional moments, we feel the same feelings everyone else does, however as professional wedding photographers, we do have a job to do. We are able to ride that fine line of being present and partial to the emotions of the wedding day, but at the same time not allow it to get in the way of doing our job.

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