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Knoxville Botanical Gardens Wedding Photographer

The Knoxville Botanical Gardens makes for a gorgeous wedding venue as it is surrounded by nature and greenery. Our Knoxville wedding photography studio has plenty of experience working at the Knoxville Botanical Gardens and we are familiar with the best photography locations at this wedding venue.

Choosing a photographer for your Knoxville Botanical Garden wedding

If you are planning your wedding to take place at the Knoxville Botanical Gardens, you will want to find a Knoxville wedding photographer that has the following:

Experience working at the Knoxville Botanical Gardens

If you are getting married at the Knoxville Botanical Gardens, you will definitely want a wedding photographer that has experience working at this particular wedding venue. The ideal wedding photographer will know of the best angles at this wedding venue, places to avoid, and places for great photos no matter the weather.

Portfolio showcasing a wedding at the Knoxville Botanical Gardens

When viewing their portfolio, you should ask to see wedding photos that were taken at the Knoxville Botanical Gardens. You should also ask the wedding photographer if they were the primary shooter for the wedding in question, or if they were assisting another wedding photographer. What specifically should you look for in a wedding portfolio?

  • Quality images (Sharp, not too bright, not too dark, good color).
  • Moments from each part of the wedding day.
  • Good storytelling.

Night Photos

Most send aways and sparkler exists will take place at night time, so you will want to ensure that your wedding photographer is comfortable with low light conditions and using flash at night, this is a very specialized skill in itself, so make sure to ask them about it.

Choose us for your wedding photography!

We would be honored to document your Knoxville Botanical Garden wedding, please use the button below to inquire today.

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