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As a professional Knoxville wedding photographer, we are experts and capturing natural and organic moments for our couples on their wedding day. Our approach to a wedding day employs a perfect mix of natural candid photography and stylized photography. We believe that leaning too much towards one style of photography is actually a disservice to our couples, this means we never photograph a wedding day in a 100% candid manner or 100% posed and stylized manner.

Why natural & organic wedding photography is important

Wedding photography that captures the natural and authentic moments of your wedding day is important because when you look back on your wedding day, you will want to relive the true moments that occurred, not something that was entirely staged.

Natural & Organic Moments

So you might ask how are we able to capture natural and organic moments throughout the wedding day, the answer is actually very simple, below are some strategies that we employ

Allowing particular moments to unfold naturally

By allowing moments to unfold naturally we are able to capture the raw and authentic memories as they happen. This is not to say that we do not stage moments when absolutely needed, because we prefer to let them happened without our input.

Photographing from a distance

When photographing from a distance, our subjects are camera unaware. When you are not aware that you're being photographed, you tend to act more natural and this is exactly what we bank on by photographing from a distance using our telephoto lenses.

Using our cameras unique technology

We are super fortunate to be able to use camera technology that is 100% silent, this allows us to be like a photo ninja and take pictures without anyone knowing. We have all heard the familiar CLACK CLACK CLACK when taking pictures, so much so, that we associate that sound with someone taking a photo, and when we do not hear that CLACK, we assume no picture is being taken.

Only stylizing and speaking up when needed

As we mentioned earlier we only stylize when absolutely needed and prefer to let the day unfold naturally and only speak up when are input and advice are required.

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