The Press Room Knoxville Wedding Photo
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The Press Room Knoxville Wedding Photo

The Press Room Knoxville is one of our favorite Knoxville wedding venues. This wedding venue features an elegant aesthetic perfect for modern couples. We truly love photographing weddings at this venue and can't wait for our next one! If you are planning a Press Room wedding, keep our Knoxville Photo & Video studio in mind!

About This Press Room Knoxville Wedding Photo

As we mentioned before, we LOVE photographing weddings at the Press Room. This wedding venue is extremely spacious and allows for plenty of room to create beautiful wedding photos. This wedding photo was captured during the bride and grooms first look near the front of the Press Room. Near the front of the Press Room, there are large open windows that allow plenty of soft light to stream through. As you know, photography is all about lighting.

We prepositioned the groom near one of the windows looking away from the nearby brides suite, this way there would be no early peeking! Once the bride was was ready, she slowly made her way towards the groom, smiling with anticipation with every step she took. With a tap on his shoulder, the groom spun around, and was full of joy seeing his bride for the first time. This is the exact moment that we pressed our shutter button and captured this photo. When it comes to photographing first looks, it is all about the lighting, positioning and timing.

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Location: 730 N Broadway, Knoxville, TN 37917.

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