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Knoxville Sunset Photos

Sunset photos are one of the best ways to remember a special moment in time, especially when it’s your wedding day. Our Knoxville studio specializes in capturing stunning sunset photos for newlyweds. To help you capture these memories and make them last forever we have put together some tips about how to prepare for sunset pictures.

Plan It In Your Wedding Timeline

To ensure that your sunset photos unfold without a hiccup, we recommend scheduling some time inside of your wedding timeline. As for the amount of time, we advise around 25 minutes. This amount of time should allow for plenty of photos before the sun dips below the horizon line and a few photos after, which we call blue hour.

Know Your Surroundings

When planning for sunset photos, it is also important to understand your surroundings. This would be your wedding photographer's job, not yours. If your wedding venue is surrounding by mountains, we advise moving your scheduled sunset photos up before the sun falls behind the mountains. The same goes for if your venue is located in the city downtown. Be sure that your wedding photographer either knows your venue location intimately or has visited there before.

Choose The Best Wedding Photographer

Even if all of the above tips pan out perfectly, none of that matters if your wedding photographer cannot make use of the golden sunset time. Before hiring your wedding photographer, make sure to peruse their portfolio, you should be able to view plenty of sunset and golden hour photos.