Knoxville Sunset Wedding Photo
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Knoxville Sunset Wedding Photo

Knoxville sunsets are beautiful in their own right, but what about on a wedding day? This Knoxville sunset wedding photo was captured during their couple's session. We usually plan for our couples to take photos just before sunset leading into post-sunset if the wedding timeline allows. By timing it this way, we are able to provide our couples with a beautiful set of warm and soft sunset photos, but also some more cinematic and stylized post-sunset photos incorporating sky views.

Depending on the weather and time of year, typically just after the sun sets just below the horizon, it will illuminate any present clouds in the sky with a spectacle of colors. For this Knoxville sunset wedding photo, the weather just so happened to be perfect with the clouds showcasing a dramatic reddish-orange hue that lasted literally less than a minute.

As Knoxville wedding photographers, capturing these fast-paced moments under time constraints is something we are accustomed to. A few minutes away from their wedding reception was totally worth it for this couple as they were astonished by this image as we showed them the back of our cameras.

Location: Knoxville, TN.