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Ramble Creek Wedding Photo

There is much debate as to whether or not photography is an art form like painting. We would like to argue absolutely yes, as it shares many of the same creative techniques and approaches.

With this Ramble Creek wedding photo, we had a vision in mind well in advance of the actual taking of the photo, just as a painter would. We wanted to showcase the foundation of water, but also the couple in a single image, the challenge was how to do it quickly, but also effectively as the couple had to return to their wedding reception.

We decided that the best way to accomplish our vision was to first place a light to illuminate the fountain of water, and lastly illuminate the couple further back in the background with an additional light. As you can see in this image, both the couple and the fountain are areas of focus, which was our overall goal, and we accomplished it by "layering" our priorities of focus and illuminating each one separately.

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