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Knoxville Wedding Venues

Knoxville Wedding Venues

Knoxville, Tennessee is home to a variety of beautiful wedding venues. Due to its location and proximity to the Great Smoky Mountains, Knoxville wedding venues offer you plenty of planning opportunities not available elsewhere. Knoxville and the surrounding areas also are popular for destination weddings and within a short drive from Knoxville, you can find the most visited National Park in the world, the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. When it comes to wedding planning, choosing the perfect Knoxville wedding venue will be one of your top priorities as well as knowing what to ask your Knoxville wedding venue.

Knoxville TN Wedding Venue Styles

When you are planning your wedding, Knoxville offers you the perfect chance to be picky when it comes to your wedding venue style. Some popular wedding venue styles include:

  • Barn & farm venues

  • Classic & vintage venues

  • Country club venues

  • Garden venues

  • Historic & Museum

  • Modern venues

  • Private venues

  • Vineyard venues

Barn & farm venues

Knoxville barn wedding venues offer a southern and outdoor aesthetic to your wedding. With most barns being located on open land, there are numerous opportunities for your ceremony and reception. Knoxville barn wedding venues include:

  • Barn Event Center

  • Barn at Chestnut Springs

  • Cedar Pond Farms

  • Enchanted Valley Barn

  • Heartland Meadows

  • Lily Barn

  • Pavillion at Hunter Valley Farm

  • Purewater Farm

  • Riverhouse at Seven Islands

  • Riverview Family Farm

  • Sampson's Hollow

  • Stables at Hunter Valley Farm

  • Stables at Strawberry Creek

Classic & vintage venues

If you are looking for a vintage and classic wedding venue style, these wedding venues will meet your needs, offering plenty of amenities.

  • Candora Marble

  • Capitol Theatre

Country club venues

Country club venues are perfect if you are looking for a classic, glamorous, and elegant wedding celebration. Most Knoxville country club venues offer plenty of space for guest accommodations and may even offer the use of their staff. Knoxville country club wedding venues include:

  • Avalon Country Club

  • Cherokee Country Club

  • Gettysvue Country Club

  • Holston Hills Country Club

  • WindRiver

Garden venues

Garden venues offer a simply elegant outdoor look at your wedding. They also provide numerous photo opportunities for the outdoorsy couple. Some Knoxville garden wedding venues include:

  • Castleton Farms

  • Crescent Bend House & Garden

  • Dara’s Garden

  • Knoxville Botanical Gardens

Historic & Museum venues

Having once served a place in history, many historical buildings and museums also host weddings. The locations offer a unique feel and aesthetic to your wedding day and make for very creative photos. Historic & museum venues in Knoxville include:

  • Bleak House

  • East Tennessee Historical Society

  • Historic Ramsey House

  • Knoxville Museum of Art

Modern venues

Modern wedding venues feature a sophisticated look and feel, ideal for the trendy and hip modern couple. Knoxville modern wedding venues include:

  • The Brookside

  • Club Leconte

  • Jackson Terminal

  • Lighthouse Knoxville

  • Press Room

  • Smithview Pavillion

  • Smith Event Center

  • The Magnolia

  • The Standard

  • The Quarry

  • The Venue at Lenoir City

Private venues

Private venues are perfect for the more discreet couple or couples looking for a more intimate wedding celebration. Local private venues include:

  • Blackberry Farm

  • Meadhaven

  • RT Lodge

  • The Showroom at Five Points

  • Zoo Knoxville

Vineyard venues

Vineyard wedding venues make for gorgeous photos, especially at sunset. Although Knoxville is not known for its vineyards like Napa valley, there are a few vineyard venues around these parts including:

  • Pleasant Hill Vineyards