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History of Golightly Studios

A Knoxville Photographer

Golightly Studios is a photography business located in Knoxville, TN. Launched in 2014, Golightly Studios (previously known as Roxy & Jon Photography) currently has a primary focus on wedding photography, commercial photography, quinceanera photography, and portrait photography.

The brainchild and primary founder of Golightly Studios had a passion for photography since a very young age. You can read more about Jon's photography here. Jon started out photographing nature and wildlife, which was peaceful, but he always was looking for more excitement. Around 2011, he found just the excitement he was looking for with fast-paced Triathlon & cycling photography. The skills acquired photographing cyclists traveling 20+ mph provided Jon with confidence and skillset of "nailing the shot" with an extremely high success rate. Little did he know, that in years to come "nailing the shot" would play a critical role in photographing split-second once-in-a-lifetime moments when it comes to wedding photography.