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About Golightly Studios

Based in Knoxville, TN.
Serving Knoxville, Nashville, Atlanta, Lexington, and nationwide.

Knoxville Photographers

Wife & Husband Photo Duo

We, Roxy & Jon Golightly, are a wife & husband duo of Knoxville photographers, located in Knoxville, TN of course! In addition to being full-time professional photographers, we are also a full-time couple, which means we can never decide on where to eat or who uses all of the hot water.

Before we even created Golightly Studios, we both had a long-time passion for photography and documenting lives important moments. As our skillsets grew and our quality of work along with it, we knew we had to make our passion "official" but also legal, so in 2014 we launched our initial photography business, interestingly named Roxy & Jon Photography, ladies first!

From 2014 to early 2020, we enjoyed creating memories for all of our photography clients that grew as we grew. Just before 2020, we reinvented our photography business to bear our family name and introduced Golightly Studios, thus creating a business that maybe one day our children may have a passion to take over as we grow older.

Since the launch of Golightly Studios, on our wedding photography side, we have had the honor of photographing some of Knoxville's most elegant weddings and working at the top Knoxville wedding venues. On the commercial photography side, we have had the privilege of working with some well-known corporate clients including McGhee Tyson Airport, Matlock Tire, Lamon Jewelers, The University of Tennessee, the University of Tennessee Federal Credit Union, and more.

As of today, most of the weekdays are dedicated to commercial and portrait work, with the weekends being reserved for weddings. While growth is inevitable, we remain cautious to always keep in mind the vision, values, and passion that created our business in 2014.