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Knoxville Engagement Photography

Your engagement session is so much more than just a simple photo session! It provides both you and your wedding photographer numerous benefits.

Photos that compliment your wedding day

Your engagement session isn't just about pretty photos but also photos that compliment your wedding day. Our wedding collections always include an engagement session, this allows you to balance your wedding photography with engagement photos. Many of our couples choose to display their engagement photos along with their wedding photos in their homes.

Celebrate your love

The year or so leading up to your wedding day can be very stressful for couples, the engagement session provides you with an opportunity to sneak away from that stress and celebrate the love you have for each other.

Connect with your wedding photographer

For most couples, the engagement session is the first time they have ever been photographed by a professional wedding photographer. The engagement session also allows you to begin connecting with your wedding photographer and knowing what it’s like to be photographed. The session itself is the start of a working relationship with your photographer. The truth is that it takes time for people to connect, some faster than others and the last thing you want is to begin this connection on your wedding day. Think of it as a “warming up” time so that on your wedding day, you are like old friends.

A discrete photo rehearsal

Engagement session your photographer will learn all about your style including whether you like candid or more stylized and posed moments. You both will be in understanding about certain poses you like and cues that will help on the wedding day. The knowledge that your photographer gains during your engagement session will help them adapt to your wedding day exponentially.

Announce your engagement in style

By having beautiful photos from your engagement session you are able to announce your engagement in style if you haven't already. Engagement photos themselves also can be used for save the date cards sent to family and friends.

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