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Wedding Videographer Near Me

If you are planning a Knoxville wedding, you probably are also looking for Knoxville wedding videographers near you. When it comes to choosing a wedding videographer, there are many things to consider, including their proximity to your wedding venue.

Our Studio Is Local

Our wedding studio is local to you and located in the heart of Knoxville off of Kingston Pike. We offer a unique romantic & cinematic wedding videography style that incorporates motion and storytelling. If you would love more information, just click the button below.

Choosing A Local Wedding Videographer

Choosing a local wedding videographer can actually make quote a difference when it comes to your wedding. Below are some benefits that you can enjoy.

Why Choose Local

Choosing a local wedding videographer means that chances are you will have a vendor that has worked with your other wedding vendors. This also means that they have a reputation as well.

No Travel Fees

A pricing benefit of choosing a local wedding videographer is that the probably don’t charge a travel fee. Most local Knoxville wedding videographers include travel within a local radius. Some wedding videographers may choose to include travel anywhere from 1-3 hours. Beyond 3 hours, most vendors will require an additional fee for a hotel and lodging. The reason for this is that if the wedding videographers has to drive 3 hours out, video for 10 hours and drive 3 hours back, that’s a 16 hour day. Trust me, by the end of the wedding day, your videographer will be exhausted. Driving 3 hours back at night can be dangerous, and for safety purposes we would say a hotel or airbnb is absolutely required.

Vendor Relationships

A benefit of choosing a local videographer, is that they probably have worked with some of your other wedding vendors. Having a wedding team that gets along together can help make your wedding day go smoother. This is especially important in regards your wedding photographer & videographer. Both of these vendors aim to get the same memories captures and are usually vying for the same spots and can easily get in each others way, constantly frustrating each other. An easy way around this, is to choose a photo + video studio. When you book a studio for both your photo + video, they are all working under one creative director and will have pre planned spots to be in.

Lower Pricing

When most videographers have to travel far away from home and be out of the office for several days, they might charge a large fee to cover the potential loss of income. Think about a Saturday wedding, if the videographer has to travel on Friday, work on Saturday and travel on Sunday, they are unable to video possible event on Friday and Sunday, that could mean a loss of significant income or 2 additional jobs they could be booking. With that understanding, its easy to see why booking an out of town vendor could carry a higher cost. Many videographers have 2 pricing options, a local price and a local price + travel fees.

Easy Communication

By choosing a Knoxville wedding videographer that is located near you, you can also enjoy easy communication and access to them. Maybe this means meeting at a local coffee shop or visiting their studio to discuss your wedding timeline. Either way, these are benefits that you can only enjoy when you choose someone local. If you choose someone non local, you will be relegated to video call, phone call or email.

Consider Us As Your Local Wedding Videographers

Our studio is local to you and would love to be considered for your Knoxville wedding videography, click the button below to get in touch with us!