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5 Tips For Choosing Your Knoxville Wedding Videographer

When it comes to choosing your Knoxville wedding videographer, you want to make the right decision. Your wedding film is something that you will have forever and cannot be redone. Below are some tips for you to consider.

Tip 1: Do they fit your style?

The most important thing when it comes to choosing a Knoxville wedding videographer, is choosing one that fits your aesthetic & film style. Wedding videography has 2 stylistic preferences you should pay attention to, the film style and the editing style.

Film Style

Film Style refers to the way the wedding is actually filmed. Some Knoxville wedding videographers prefer a more cinematic approach incorporating movement, slow motion and time shifting from different parts of the wedding day. The films are usually more "Hollywood" looking and although results in a shorter film, is filled with more impactful moments. Other videographers prefer a more documentary approach, capturing moment as is and recording long takes. The result from this approach is a longer film, but with less cinematic and artistic effects.


Editing Style refers to the way the film looks aesthetically. A film can be more on the brighter side, more on the darker side, or even in between. The editing style can also be dictated by the lighting and conditions on the wedding day.

Tip 2: Do they offer multiple Filmmakers?

Filming on wedding days can be hectic for a videographer, there are many moments that must be captured, from varying angles and usually under time constraints. Having 2 filmmakers makes capturing the wedding day a better experience for couples, as all angles can be covered. Think of the bride walking down the aisle, but also capturing the grooms reaction. These moments happen in two different directions. Having multiple filmmakers makes capturing moments like these seamless.

Tip 3: Do they work well with photographers?

The truth is that on the wedding day, photographers and videographers will be vying for the same shot. Many time, they both end up getting in each others way. One benefit of choosing a photo + cinema studio such as ours, is that we work cohesively as a team. Our team can perform flawlessly on the wedding day because we have pre coordinated positions and moments to capture.

Tip 4: Will your video match your photos?

This is one of the less known errors you may encounter when choosing a Knoxville wedding photographer and videographer for your wedding. When you book two different companies to document your wedding, chances are you will end up with 2 totally different styles when it comes to your final product. Imagine receiving bright photos, but your video is on the darker side. Our philosophy is that the same moments from the wedding day, regardless of being captured on photo or video, should all look the same aesthetic wise. This is another benefit of choosing a photo + cinema studio. With our studio, we have a sole person to coordinate the post production & editing of both photography & videography, this ensures a cohesive final product.

Tip #5: Do they know how to use lighting?

When it comes to lighting, it is absolutely an essential skill and should be factored in when you are shopping for a Knoxville wedding videographer. Most receptions at Knoxville wedding venues are dark, and thus require lighting to be incorporated. Lighting is what separates amateur films from professional films, especially when the light gets low.

We hope that these tips gave you some ideas to consider. If you are looking for a Knoxville wedding videographer, we would love to be considered, click the button below to reach out to us.

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