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Cancel Your Event & Corona

Should I Cancel My Wedding Due To Coronavirus?

Choosing whether or not to cancel your wedding during the 2020 Coronavirus outbreak can prove quite challenging, with many couples postponing their wedding, or even worse, cancelling it all together. This is a very uncertain time for everyone involved, from the couple, to their family and also the wedding vendors. It is safe to say everyone wants to be happy and healthy. communicating effectively between all parties is the best at this time. So what can you as an engaged couple do while you have down time.

Wedding Options During The Coronavirus

When it comes to your options during this outbreak, you have 3 options to choose from. What happens with your wedding date, should be first on your list of priorities.

  1. Keep Wedding Date

  2. Move Wedding Date

  3. Cancel Wedding Date

Keep Wedding Date

Coronavirus please go away, we want to keep the wedding date! So much planning has gone into making this milestone happen, and we empathize with you. We understand that it takes time and research to plan your dream wedding and choose the perfect wedding team.

We have given it a lot of thought and here are some ideas if you choose to keep your wedding date.

Downsize & Apply Social Distancing

Chances are that not every invited guest will be able to make it due to travel policies, so downsizing will be a good idea, meaning focus on immediate family and important individuals. When you downsize your wedding guest count, you also end up saving financially. When it comes to social distancing, why not plan for an outdoor ceremony if at all possible? Special seating arrangements can also be made depending on the current situation.

Have A Clean Environment

Maintaining good cleaning procedure is essential during this time, we advise cleaning and disinfecting all services prior to the event, multiple times if at all possible. Providing hand sanitizer as handouts to guests on their arrival can also help.

Keep In Communication

Keeping in communication with your wedding guests and wedding vendors is essential during this time. Having a quick call with wedding vendors to ensure they are on the same page can provide you with peace of mind. If you have already chosen and booked your vendors, we recommend contacting each of them individually. Many vendors during this time are not providing refunds, so it's best to stick with the ones you have already booked.

Move Your Wedding Date

Moving your wedding date to another date further down the road is also an option during these times of uncertainty. This option can be the most difficult as we don't know when this coronavirus outbreak will end. When moving your wedding date, you have to first ask yourself “What date will I move it to?”. This can itself prove difficult as you first have to ascertain the availability of all your wedding vendors, are they even available? This option will require plenty of finagling, but if you can pull it off, it will be worth it.

Cancel Your Wedding Date

Cancelling your wedding date may be the only option for you, depending on your location and current situation. Many states are limiting the maximum amount of people in a gathering to 10 people, which truly isn't conducive for a wedding. One of the most important things to keep in mind when cancelling your wedding for the time being, is that wedding vendors may, or may not refund your money and or retainer.

We hope that this article provides you some ideas to help with your wedding decision during this uncertain time.