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Choosing The Perfect Knoxville Wedding Venue

Usually, the first step to wedding planning begins with choosing a date and wedding venue, but how do you know which venue to choose? There is undoubtedly a sea of options when it comes to wedding venues, here are some questions to help you narrow it down a bit.

What is your wedding style?

Obviously, one of the most important things when it comes to choosing the perfect Knoxville wedding venue is its style. If the wedding venue does not match your style, you are bound to be unhappy. Knoxville offers a variety of wedding venue styles that will fit your planning needs.

Where are you traveling from?

If you are located in Knoxville chances are you do not want to travel hours just to get to your wedding venue this is why it's important to taking consideration where you are traveling from. if you are traveling from out of state you may want to find a wedding venue with a nearby Hotel

Where are your guests traveling from?

It is also important to take into consideration where your wedding guests are traveling from. Most guests will book a hotel for the weekend and travel to the venue on the day of your wedding. To ensure that your wedding guests enjoy their wedding experience, make sure to take into consideration the driving distance from the hotel to your wedding venue.

How many guests will you have?

An important point in choosing the perfect wedding venue is knowing how many guests you will have. By knowing your guest count, you can choose a wedding venue that has adequate seating and space. An additional benefit of knowing your wedding guest count is that it will help you budget better when it comes to food and beverages as some venues and catering companies charge per person.

Where will you be getting ready?

Having a good understanding of where you will be getting ready also plays a part in choosing the best wedding venue. Some Knoxville wedding venues offer a bridal and groom suite for getting ready in, these suites may also be large enough to host each corresponding bridal party. A benefit of choosing a wedding venue with a bridal suite is that if you are not having a first look and avoiding seeing each other before the ceremony, you have a safe place to stay hidden out of sight.

What about catering?

Some wedding venues offer in-house catering included as an all-in-one service, whereas other wedding venues require you to outsource the catering to local companies. Whether you are looking for venue inclusive catering or booking a separate catering vendor, make sure your decision aligns with your wedding budget.

Is the location great for photos?

Ideally, the perfect wedding Knoxville venue offers numerous photo opportunities. If great wedding photos are high on your list of priorities, you want to be looking for a wedding venue that has plenty of indoor and outdoor space, greenery and is located away from potential distractions such as other buildings, possible construction, curious onlookers, etc. Something else to take into consideration is the overall lighting inside of the wedding venue. If the lighting is very dim, additional lighting will be required by your wedding photographer and videographer. In comparison, if the venue allows outside light to stream in, you may need to time your ceremony time appropriately so that there are no hotspots from the sunlight leaking in, which results in unflattering wedding photos. Many Knoxville wedding venues have great indoor lighting, facilitated by natural light or in venue lighting. We always recommend that you prioritize venue lighting as you cannot always control the weather.

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