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Maryville Wedding Photographer

Maryville Wedding Photographer

We started our wedding photography career by photographing weddings in our hometown of Maryville, TN. Maryville is located at the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains and about 15 minutes from Knoxville, so not too far of a drive from the 3rd largest city of Tennessee. Even though Maryville has a "small town" feel to it, there are over 27,000 residents residing here. If you are planning a Maryville wedding and are in search of a wedding photographer that will provide you with a perfect mix of candid and stylized moments throughout the day, we would absolutely love to be considered, just contact us.

Photographing Maryville weddings

We have experience photographing many Maryville weddings at gorgeous venues including the Capitol Theatre, Smith event centers, Lily Barn, Sampsons Hollow, Dancing Bear Lodge, Barn Event Center, Meadhaven and more. Maryville is unique because unlike Knoxville it is a lot smaller in scale with wedding venues spread far apart from each other. With venues being so far apart and Maryville itself, being open and spacious, there are usually great nearby photo locations such as parks. A great example of this as the Capitol Theatre, which is situated in close proximity to a large park.

In addition to photographing weddings in Maryville, we also have plenty of experience photographing engagement sessions here as well. Downtown Maryville provides a variety of unique locations for your engagement session. If you are planning an engagement session, some ideal locations nearby in Maryville include the Maryville College woods, ideal for intimate photos without crowds and is perfect during the fall weather when the leaves glow. Sandy Springs park is a great location for an engagement session during sunset, the entire park is covered with a beautiful golden glow at sunset. We do recommend going off the trail somewhat as the walking trail is usually busy with runners and walkers. Beccentiinal Park is great and provides more secluded areas as it is larger, it also features a large pond. This park is somewhat hilly, so if you are planning your engagement session here, we recommend a good pair of walking shoes.

Out of these 3 locations, if there is only 1 that we could choose, it would be Sandy Springs Park, because you absolutely cannot beat the gold hour light, and when it comes to dealing with the walkers and runners, any experienced wedding photographer should have no problem working around small distraction such as that.

Choosing the best Maryville wedding photographer

When you are planning a wedding and looking to choose the best Maryville wedding photographer, you should be looking for the following things.

A portfolio featuring Maryville weddings

Maryville wedding you obviously want a wedding photographer that has photographed in Maryville before. The best way to find out if they have photographed in Maryville is to view their wedding portfolio. The wedding photography portfolio should showcase a variety of Maryville weddings and different couples as well.

Relationship With local wedding venues

One quick way to find out the best Maryville wedding photographers is to simply ask your wedding venue if they have experience working with the particular photographer, most Maryville wedding venues will sing the praises of photographers they love.

Wedding experience working in Maryville

Wedding experience working in Maryville isn't just limited to the photographer's portfolio but rather do they know their way around town. Do they know the great photo locations and locations that may require a permit to access? What about local construction zones to avoid and places that may be crowded on the weekends? Choosing a Maryville wedding photographer that knows these things will allow the wedding-day to unfold more smoothly.

Photo locations in Maryville

Choosing a wedding photographer that knows all of the great photo locations will make your wedding day even more amazing, they will be able to recommend locations that are nearby your wedding venue, but also at the same time avoid locations that will be crowded and not make for good photo locations.

Bicentennial Greenbelt Park

Bicentennial Greenbelt Park is conveniently located in the heart of Maryville and is also close to the Capitol Theatre. It provides plenty of greenery for photo opportunities.

Sandy Springs Park

Sandy Springs Park makes for great sunset photos as it is absolutely gorgeous at sunset. The parks itself offers plenty of parking locations for the family and bridal party and nearby restrooms. The walking trail is quickly accessible and can also make for great photos.

Pearson Springs Park

Pearson Springs Park is connected to the larger Sandy Springs Park and offers open fields that can make for great family photos as well as easily accessible parking for your bridal party.

Maryville College Woods

The Maryville College Woods is situated behind Maryville College and offers a secluded and intimate location for couples photos. If you are looking for couples and family photos to take place here, make sure to check with Maryville College if there are any events taking place.

Maryville wedding photos

Having photographed several Maryville weddings, we have plenty of portfolio for you to peruse, instead of overwhelming you with hundreds of beautiful photographs, we have a curated highlight portfolio of Maryville wedding photos for you to enjoy.

Wedding venues in Maryville and nearby

Maryville Is home to several gorgeous wedding venues with a variety of styles including classic, vintage, barn and more. Some well known Maryville wedding venues include:

  • Barn at Wildwood Springs
  • Barn Event Center
  • Capitol Theatre
  • Colonial Estate
  • Dancing Bear Lodge
  • Lily Barn
  • Meadhaven
  • Pleasant Hill Vineyards
  • Purewater Farm
  • RT Lodge
  • Sampson’s Hollow
  • Smith Event Center

5 Interesting facts about Maryville, TN

Up for a quick history lesson about Maryville? Here are several interesting facts about Maryville TN.

  1. US Senator Lamar Alexander was born in Maryville, TN in 1940.
  2. Denso hires the most employees among all businesses located in Maryville, TN.
  3. In 2015, a train carrying hazardous materials went off its tracks, causing quite a panic and displaced more than 5,000 of its 27,000 residents.
  4. Maryville is home to the Ruby Tuesday Headquarters.
  5. Maryville College is the 12th oldest college in the south.

Close to The Great Smoky Mountains

Looking to travel to The Great Smoky Mountains? Just hop on U.S. route 321 which heads directly towards The Great Smoky Mountains.