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Knoxville Headshot Photographer

Are you tired of your headshot that you haven't updated in years? Have you added some new team members and need a new headshot for them? Or, maybe you just started a new business and need some headshots for your website? As a Knoxville headshot photographer, we enjoy providing our clients with modern headshots and top-quality headshots.

Headshot Photographer In KnoxvilleKnoxville headshot photographer

Modern Headshots

Our style of Knoxville headshots is modern to help you or your company remain relevant for years. Have you ever seen those outdated headshots that look like they"may" have been taken during the film era? We have and can solve your outdated headshot problem if that's you, not pointing any fingers!

As you can view in our headshot photography portfolio we have a very modern and clean style. We intentionally avoid textured and patterned backdrops as those can "date" an image. Instead, we opt for a clean, non-textured colored backdrop. The specific color is usually chosen to compliment your brand or style. As a professional standard, we utilize off-camera lighting and modifiers to ensure flattering light and help you look even better. To learn more about our lighting setups, visit our headshot FAQ page.

As part of our modern style, we do not go overboard during the image-retouching phase. Despite the many filters on social media, "glowing skin" does not look good when it comes to your professional headshot. For retouching, we perform a slight skin smoothing with an additional layer of skin retouching only if absolutely needed. Teeth whitening, pimple removal, hair removal, etc are all performed on your final selected image.

Our Headshot Services

Below you can find more about the headshot services that we provide to Knoxville and surrounding area businesses. We have worked with companies and businesses in Farragut, Bearden, West Hills, Sequoyah Hills, Rocky Hills, Cedar Bluff, Fountain City, and more. If you are requiring headshots outside of Knoxville and even Tennessee, just contact us, we love to travel!

Individual & Team Headshots

Individual & team headshots are ideal for those with groups smaller than 12 people. Beyond 12 people, we would invite you to learn more about our Headshot Event below. For individual headshots, it can be as simple as you requiring an updated headshot or maybe you are a law firm and are needing some headshots of your new team.

Headshot Event

Have a team larger than 12? Looking to have us on-site to capture professional headshots of attendees? Our Headshot Event is ideal for you then. We offer a variety of pricing options depending on the size of your team or event. Requiring multi-day headshots? No worries, we have experience photographing those as well!

Headshot Photography Styles

When it comes to headshots, there are several different photographic styles that we offer. Our 3 primary headshot photography styles that cover 99% of our client's needs are the standard headshot, the environmental headshot, and a headshot photographed according to corporate standards. Below you can find a description of each of these headshot styles along with example images.


Our standard headshot is taken with a backdrop color of your choosing and is typically cropped to 1/4 (head to lower chest). This style of headshot is the most common and ideal for a majority of uses. Standard headshots are perfect if you work in a more professional or corporate setting.

We would recommend the standard headshot for company websites, social media, business cards, and additional online or printed marketing materials. The standard headshot would not be advisable for online dating profiles as it may send the wrong message to potential dating partners, your headshot does say a lot about you! For online dating profiles, we would recommend an environmental-style headshot, details can be found below!

Standard headshot photography example


Our environmental photography style is ideal if you are looking for a more modern look. This headshot photography style incorporates the surrounding environment. The location is usually chosen based on whether or not it compliments the subject(s). Locations can be outdoor, indoor, or even indoor with the outdoor scenery as the background.

A few examples of the environmental headshot style would be a lawyer in her or his office, a real estate agent in the current home listing, a head mechanic in the working area, etc. These headshots are usually cropped looser to include more of the environment and surrounding features.

Outdoor HeadshotA health and wellness coach with an environmental background.

Interior Designers HeadshotInterior designers with an indoor environmental background.

Corporate Standards

We have experience working with plenty of companies that provide us with a corporate standards document. Usually, a corporate standards document is sent to the headshot photographer with an in-depth explanation of the background or backdrop, the specific lighting pattern to be used, and additional post-production details.

Some corporate standards documents even include specific lighting ratios to ensure a cohesive look with the final deliverable images. By utilizing a corporate standards document, large multi-state companies can contract headshot photographers in different markets, yet receive sets of images that have a singular look.

Lawyer HeadshotAn example of a headshot photographed according to a corporate standards document.


You will find our pricing to be very reasonable for someone who offers the level of quality, experience, and attention that we do. Although we do not compete on price or price match, we do frequently offer promotions, so make sure to contact us for any current promos we are running!

Basic Headshots sessions include:

  • Professional photography
  • Headshots for individuals or up to teams of 12
  • Custom session length to fit your needs and schedule
  • Pre-session planning & guides
  • Complimentary on-location setup
  • Super fast turnaround
  • Color correction & selection
  • High-Resolution & Web-Resolution options
  • Additional add-ons

Headshot Events include:

  • Professional photography
  • Headshots for teams, attendees, or groups larger than 12
  • Variety of coverage options from 4 hours to 1o hours
  • 2-4 photos per person
  • Complimentary on-location setup
  • Super fast turnaround
  • Color correction & selection
  • High-Resolution & Web-Resolution options
  • Additional add-ons

To view our detailed headshot pricing page with the most up-to-date information, please visit the guide page listed below.

Your Headshot Experience

Step 1: Getting started

To get started with your headshot experience, we first recommend the following steps:

  1. Review our headshot photography portfolio to get a sense of our style and ensure that we meet your quality standards.
  2. Finish learning about your headshot experience by reading below and by visiting our headshot resources or headshot FAQ page.
  3. Review our headshot pricing page to view our options.
  4. Visit our contact page and let us know about your project.

Step 2: Book & Reserve Your Session/Event

Once you have reached out to us, you should receive a prompt response that may or may not contain a link to book and reserve us for your headshots. If we require more information before providing an accurate quote, we may reach out by email or phone. Booking, invoicing & payment is usually completed through our online booking and payment system. Some companies and businesses work on different net terms including net 30, net 60, and net 90. Let us know if this is a requirement for you and we can adjust the payment schedule.

*Accepted forms of payment include credit cards, debit cards, checks, cash, and digital cards. All online payments are processed securely using Square.

Step 3: Pre-Session/Event

Before your headshot session or event, you will receive a questionnaire and headshot guide (Basic headshots only). The questionnaire will allow us to learn everything we need to know about you, your needs, or your event. We respectfully ask that this questionnaire be completed well in advance of your session or event so that we can be adequately prepared.

The headshot guide is sent out for Basic headshot sessions with groups of up to 12. The guide itself includes helpful tips and guidance to prepare for your headshot and other essential information. For larger headshot events with attendees upwards of 50+, it would be difficult for the event coordinator to disperse this guide out. Instead, for these larger events, we opt to provide on-site instruction and direction.

Step 4: Headshot Session

Your headshot session will be pretty relaxed and go by faster than you expect. We usually start off with a few warm-up photos to get you comfortable in front of the camera. During the session, we will guide you with some simple posing directives that include turning, leaning, and adjusting head, shoulder, arm, hand, leg, and foot placement. This sounds way more complicated than it actually is. We may make some changes to our light positioning throughout the session if needed. 2 minutes later, and you are done!

For larger headshot events, we may or may not select images on-site and collect emails to deliver the headshot photos. This will be discussed in advance.

Step 5: Post-Session/Event

After your session, we will follow our post-production workflow. In simple terms, this typically involves backing up the headshots taken to onsite and offsite storage and performing an initial image selection to remove photos that are out-of-focus, contain closed eyes, or are duplicates of other images. Next, we perform color corrective edits to ensure the white balance, exposure, and overall tone and feel meet our quality standards. Lastly, light skin smoothing is applied on image export.

Once images are uploaded to our photo selection platform, you will receive a link to view your photos and select your favorite image. Once you have selected it, we will perform any additional required retouching and deliver your final image in both High-resolution and Web-resolution formats.

Step 6: Completion

Now that your headshot session is completed and you have some top-quality headshot photos, we first recommend reviewing our Care Guide | Digital Images article before putting them to use. Some great uses for your new headshots are website, social media, email, marketing material, and more. For more great ideas, check out our "How to use my headshots" article.

Step 7: Review Us

If you love your new headshots and your experience with us, make sure to leave us a review and let us know how we are doing! Plenty of our headshot clients read our review, so taking just a few minutes can keep us doing what we love. Word of mouth and referrals are also very powerful, so make sure to spread the word to your co-workers, friends, and family if you love our work.

If there is a rare chance that you are unsatisfied with your final images, please reach out to us directly so that we can exceed your expectations. Maybe you just did not like your expression or the backdrop color you chose was not what you thought. Either way, we want to make sure you are happy and if that means scheduling a complimentary re-shoot, we will do it.

Knoxville Headshot Photographer FAQ

To view our headshot portfolio, please visit our headshot portfolio page.
To learn more about our headshot services, please read our services section above.
To find our headshot pricing information, please visit our headshot pricing page.
To learn all about our headshots, we first invite you to visit our headshot resources page. Next, we would suggest you visit our detailed headshot FAQ page. Lastly, if you have any questions, we invite you to contact us.

Headshot Clients

By working as Knoxville headshot photographers, we have enjoyed the ability to work with a variety of local Knoxville and surrounding area businesses. Some clients we have photographed and worked with are McGhee Tyson Airport, the City of Knoxville Fire Department, UT Federal Credit Union, Matlock Tire, University of Tennessee, Standard Kitchen & Bath, Kozar Design Team, and more.

No matter your profession, a professional headshot will make an impact. Some poplar professions that can always use an updated headshot are Accountants, Actors, Actresses, Airmen Airwomen, Architects, Artists, Astronomers, Astronauts, Athletes, Attorneys, Authors, Bankers, Bakers, Barbers, Biologists, Bloggers, Botanists, Brokers, Carpenters, Celebrities, Chefs, Chemists, Chiropractors, Civil Engineers, Civil Servants, Computer Programmers, Cybersecurity Specialists, Dancers, Delegates, Dentists, Designers, Detectives, Dietitians, DJs, Doctors, Dress Designers, Economists, Educators, Electrical Engineers, Electricians, Engineers, Entrepreneurs, Environmental Scientists, Executives, Fashion Designers, Film Directors, Financial Analysts, Firefighters, Florists, Game Developers, Geologists, Graphic Designers, Hairdressers, Historians, Human Resources Managers, Hunters, Industrial Designers, Infleuncers, Interior Designers, Investors, Journalists, Judges, Landscape Architects, Lawyers, Librarians, Management Consultants, Marketing Managers, Mathematicians, Mechanical Engineers, Models, Musicians, Nurses, Nutritionists, Occupational Therapists, Officiants, Optometrists, Paralegals, Pastors, Performers, Pharmacists, Photographers, Physicians, Physicists, Pilots, Plumbers, Podcasters, Police Officers, Political Scientists, Politicians, Priests, Psychologists, Real Estate Agents, Registered Nurses, Reporters, Sales Representatives, Scientists, Social Workers, Software Engineers, Speech Therapists, Statisticians, Students, Surgeons, Teachers, Technical Writers, Therapists, Underwater Divers, Urban Planners, Venue Owners, Veterinarians, Videographers, Web Developers, Wedding Coordinators, Wedding Planners, Welders, Writers, and Zoologists.

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